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πολυμαθία < πολυμαθέω "to study many things"


The purpose of this website is to put in one place a catalog of my most profound personal discoveries. While very few of my ideas enumerated at polyMathy are unique inventions —and you, the reader, will no doubt come across some that you have heard of before — their combined effect on my life and outlook has transformed me in countless positive ways. That is why I wish to share them with you.

What is polymathy?

Polymathy is the study of many things. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge has driven me as long as I can remember. Science, music, philosophy, art have always captivated me. As I read more history, I learned that America's Founding Fathers, like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams, were true polymaths, along with other famous examples in Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Decartes, and many more who inspire me to understand the universe, from the comosological to the cosmopolitan.

But my goal here is not to espouse my ambition for multiple-knowledge to the world; I expect the reader to pick and choose from topics that might be of interest.

Lost in a world of information, wisdom is evasive

While one Library of Alexandria lies sunken on the seafloor, a much grander one has grown from its ashes two thousand years later: the Internet.  The ever-growing, ever-expanding repository of human knowledge is at all our fingertips. And yet, while we know this, our modern Library of Alexandria might as well look like the warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark: a Byzantine confusion of endless relics and novelties.

Just put it somewhere in the back, Rusty. We'll find it later.

 In this way, my attempt with this electronic publication is not to imitate that ancient library, but instead to offer a personal guide, of sorts, for those with similar curiosities.  In short, my efforts to find the various answers I have sought over the years need not be repeated by those who wish to follow where I have tread in any given niche subject: I have laid the groundwork; you, if you wish, can pick up where I left off, and carry the torch yet farther — much farther, I hope.

You, the reader, shall be free to peruse all the material, or simply look into the subjects that interest you.  There is something for everyone here.  My only wish is to pass along the knowledge I cherish.  


























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