Audio Recordings by Luke Ranieri

Some of my best audio is available on my audiobooks store 🎙️

The recordings you find here are mostly ones I make for my patrons on Patreon 🦂

Audio series that are entirely free for the public are marked with 🆓



Familia Romana 👨 👩 👦 👦 👧

Colloquia Personarum 💬

Fabulae Syrae 👃

Sermones Romani 🗣️

Amphitryo 🎭

Caesar, De Bello Gallico ⚔️

Epitome Historiae Sacrae ✡️ ✝️ ☦️

Roma Aeterna audio of the text 🪙

Roma Aeterna course taught in Latin 🪙

Vergil, Aeneid 🔥

Ovid, Ars Amatoria ♥️

Petronius, Cena Trimalchionis (Satyricon)

Vergil, Eclogues 🐑


Traupman’s Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency 🗣️

De Variis Latinis Colloquendi Formulis: conversational idioms in Latin 🗨️

Progymnasmata Latinitatis by Pontanus (advanced conversational Latin) 👨‍🏫

Confabulationes Tironum Litterariorum by Schottennius (intermediate-advanced conversational Latin) 👩‍🏫

Paideia LLiNYC 2019 Audio Files 🏙️

Conventiculorum Loci: Audio Recordings for Texts to be used at 2019 Conventicula

🆓 Vita Nostra: Subsidia ad Colloquia Latina by Stephen Berard 🍱

Ferdinandus Taurus (a children’s book in Latin: “Ferdinand the Bull”) 🐮

Philologiae Perennis Locutiones 01 🎙️

🆓 Sermo Latinus Rapidus 🎤

Julius Caesar I.1 by Shakespeare, in Latin 🗡️


Guide to the Variants of Lucian Pronunciation 🏺

🆓 Athenaze 👨‍🌾

🆓 Polis in Lucian Pronunciation 👨‍🏫

Alexandros The Greek Boy (beginner textbook and reader)

Mythologica, reader supplement to Alexandros (coming soon) ⚡️

Ancient Greek Alive (beginner textbook and reader) 🐢

Thrasymachus (beginner reader) ☀️

Reading Greek (beginner to intermediate reader, course taught in Latin) ⛵️

🆓 Kataskopos “The Spy” novella 🕵️‍♂️

🆓 Lingua Graeca Per Se Illustrata, beginner Ancient Greek reader ?

Ancient Greek Assimil course 🤸‍♂️

Dick & Jane in Ancient Greek 👦 👧

Anacreon Ode 1 in Lucian Pronunciation, preview!


Christmas Story in Greek & Latin, Luke 2:7-8,15-16 ?

Gospel of John English-Latin-Greek Audiobook download for THEODOREI patrons! ?

Patron Preview! Gospel of John audiobook • English-Latin-Greek 📕


“Kiss the Girl” in Latin : “Basia” (Little Mermaid) 🧜‍♀️

“Edelweiss” in Latin – “Nobilis Albulus” ❄️

“Thriller” in Latin by Michael Jackson “Horror Nocturnus” 🧟‍♂️

“Heri” (Yesterday, The Beatles – in Latin) 🎤

“White Christmas” in Latin – “Natalis Albus” ☃️

“You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” in Latin – “Tu es malus, domine Grinch” 🎄

“Mele Kalikimaka” in Latin 🏝️

“Hooked on a Feeling” in Latin! ❤️

“Quod Est Notum Satis” carmen Medii Aevi • Mediaeval drinking song set to “Yankee Doodle” 🍻

“Plurimos Annos”! the Happy Birthday song in Latin! 🎂

Epitaph of Seikilos, in 4 Greek pronunciations | Epitaphium Sicili, 4 modis pronuntiatus Graecis 🎼


“Be Prepared” in Latin, Lion King “Duce Me” 🦁

Can You Feel The Love Tonight in Latin | Nocte Amica Amantibus 🦁

Happy New Year! Auld Lang Syne in Latin 🎉

Et Nil Est! audio download • You’re Welcome! (Moana) 🌊


The Nightmare Before Christmas in Latin! mp3 audio download. “Jack’s Lament” QVESTVS T. TAPHII 💀

This is Halloween in Latin! 🎃

Non-Audio Posts for Patrons

Amazon Alexius Printable Version

How to Tell Time PDF! (in Latin)

Interjectiones Latinae – Latin Interjections with PDF/PPT

Transcription of Latin dialogue in Barbarians


Socrate’s Apologia Excerpt in 4 Pronunciations of Classical Attic

Ancient Greek Conversation 01 Basic Greetings

The recording equipment I was able to get thanks to my patrons

Terentiī Tunberg symbola «Colloquia Familiaria Aetate Litterarum Renatarum Scripta Ne Spernamus!»

LLiNYC 2020, 01 Cicero, Brutus

LLiNYC 2020, 02 Catullus 64

LLiNYC 2020, 03 Propertius 4.11

Vulpinari – to be clever like a fox, to be a sly dog

De synchronicis pronuntiatibus linguarum classicarum

Pronuntiatus Apuleius, conamen 1, Metamorphoseon lib.I.1 (2cAD Latin Pronunciation)

Pronuntiatus Apuleius, conamen 2, Metamorphoseon lib.I.2 (2cAD Latin Pronunciation)

How to scan poetry • hexameter • Aeneid I.1-7 • Ranieri’s 5-stage scanning exercise

How to scan poetry • hexameter • Ovid Amores III.2 • Ranieri’s 5-stage scanning exercise

Latin Numbers Audio Files & PowerPoints (Cardinal, Ordinal, Adverbial, Distributive, Multiplicative, Proportional)

Cardinal Numbers 1 to 10,000 in Latin

Vocabula quae ad Visionem pertinent

Lesson Plan Notes for Ancient Greek in Action & Lingua Latina Comprehensibilis

Geophysical Planet Definition


Shadowing Technique to learn Latin (or any language!) — your feedback is requested! 

Pitch accent explained!

Latin “taboo” words (exclusive for Patrons)

Egyptian Pronunciation Guide

Coptic Introductory Course


Tribūnī ($2) Tier Patrons and Above:

• Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata ROMA AETERNA Course Taught in Latin

• Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata ROMA AETERNA recitations of the chapters

• Amphitryo by the masterful Plautus! with all parts acted out dramatically

• Sermones Romani, the amazing anthology of Roman literature, all easily read once the Familia Romana book is completed

Senātōrēs ($5) Tier Patrons and Above:

• Eclogae sīve Būcolica Carmina | The Eclogues of Vergil are a seminal part of Western literature, exploring the revolutionary world of the 1st century BC through the mythical setting of the pastoral paradise.

• Ancient Greek Alive — audio recordings of all readings

• Vergil’s Aeneid

This is the LLPSI version.

• Progymnasmata Latīnitātis by Jacōbus Pontānus, very advanced level Latin language dialoguesthat, if imitated by the listener, promise the ability to speak much more like an educated native speaker of Rome, and therefore be able to read Cicero and Seneca and all the rest of the authors with incredible ease.

• Dē Variīs Colloquendī Fōrmulīs by Franmōrārius, a collection of over 1000 (!!!!) idioms, locutions, figures of speech, and proverbs from Classical and Renaissance literature. Listening to these audio recordings will allow the listener to become very familiar with the most common, most important, and most delightful expressions of Roman speech.

Maecēnātiānī ($10) Tier Patrons and Above:

• Caesar, Dē Bellō Gallicō • Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic Wars 

• Reading Greek, taught in Latin! In this series of podcast-style lessons, I teach the texts found in the book Reading Greek entirely in Latin.

• Epitome Historiae Sacrae

A supplement by Robert Carfagni, to be read after completing Familia Romana, LLPSI part 1.

• Cōnfābulātiōnēs Tīrōnum Litterāriōrum by Hermannus Schottennius Hessus, an Audio Course in Developing Fluent & Erudite Latin Speaking Ability. Schottennius, like Pontanus above, composed over 100 absolutely splendid, entertaining, and relatable dialogues with nearly impeccable Latinity.  While these dialogues will challenge even an advanced Latin speaker or reader, you will find them much easier than the Progymnasmata Latīnitātis by Pontanus. For this reason, I recommend starting with some of these Confābulātiōnēs, then trying the Progymnasmata. In fact, this is not merely an audio book, but an entire course which, like the Dē Variīs Colloquendī Fōrmulīs audio book above, breaks each line of dialogue into digestable phrases that the listener may repeat, first in English, then in Latin. Thereafter the full dialogue only in Latin is heard at conversational speed.

For Jūstīniānēī Tier ($15) Patrons:

Cena Trimalchionis from the Satyricon by Petronius

The Ancient Greek Assimil course

For Theodōrēī Tier ($20) Patrons:

Ovid’s Ars Amatoria

Alexandros the Greek Boy (beginner Ancient Greek text)

Mythologica, the supplement to Alexandros

The Gospel of John, Greek-Latin-English trilingual edition

For Equitēs Tier ($1) Patrons:

LLPSI Familia Rōmāna audio download

Colloquia Persōnārum

Preview of the Gospel of John for all patrons

Freely and publicly available to everyone:

Athenaze (both UK and Italy versions) in Lucian Pronunciation audio download | Ἀθήνᾱζε

Polis in Lucian Pronunciation

Kataskopos, a novella in Ancient Greek

Lingua Graeca Per Se Illustrata | Ἑλληνικὴ γλῶσσα καθ᾿ αὑτὴν φωτιζομένη — by Seumas Macdonald

Sermō Latīnus Rapidus